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Светлана Даниэль Дион

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Writer - poet - ballet dancer   

President  of The International Association of the Citizens of The ART - Spain.
 www.MAGInet2006.narod.ru             svetlanaddeon@ya.ru

A member of  The Writers Union of Russia

Svetlana Danielle Deon was born in Saint Petersburg.  In early 80’s immigrated to the United States  where she obtained her Master’s Degree in International Marketing with minor in Philology at The Columbian University of New York. Professional ballet dancer -Vaganova school.  In 1999 the Russian Television Network in USA (RTN) filmed a documentary "The Poetic flight of a Russian Terpsichore” - about a poet and ballet dancer  Svetlana Deon:  The author of 5  poetry books in Russian (("Ne dyshi bez menja"/ "DON´T BREATH WITHOUT ME”– Hermitage press, USA 1998, .   "Tysjacha i odna zhiznn" / Thousand And One LIFE” – BLITS, SPB Russia 1998, "Kruzhevo vremeni"/”TIMELACE” – Limbus, SPB 2002),  "Nebesni Pochtalion"/"Celestial Postman" with CD of Songs written by composer/musician Igor Tukalo, West Consulting, Moscow 2010), "THE WORDS ON WATER"(2014 WEST CONSULTING, Moscow)  and a novel The LOVEBEGGAR (RETRO, SPB 2006) nominated in 2006 for National Bestseller in Russia (Нацбест). Writes poetry in Russian, English, Spanish and French. A finalist in  "Pushkin in Britain Competition” – 2004. Her poetry and prose in Russian had won 4 awards and form part of 10 anthologies:  UNDER ONE SKY-  "TAIVAS”,  (Helicon SPB 2007), ALMANACH  NLO” - 2009– 1st prize winners’ poems, International Anthology of Poetry "ZEMLIAKI,  Anthology of MAGI "MAGIcal WORD" - MAGI´s writers 2010  and   7 volumes of poetry of Svetoch Fund, and those in English are included in 5 compilations of National Library of Poetry: "The Evolving secret", "The sounds of Poetry", "The Fabric of Life" y "The Best Poems 98", Forever Spoken, 2008  - USA. The poetry of Svetlana Deon  was published in a number of Russian and Spanish magazines and newspapers, among them: Журнальный зал-"ДетиРа, «Зинзивер», "Поэтоград,"Knizhnoe Obozrenhttp://svetlanaddeon.ucoz.ru/_ph/3/138923228.jpgie-"Книжное обозрение",  "Piterbook"-"Питербоок","Slovo”(España - Portugal)- "Слово" (Испания, Португалия),"Stantsia Mir"- "Станция Мир",, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - Комсомольская Правда, MK- ESPAÑA - Московский Комсомолец. 

     In spring 2012 in Madrid Svetlana Deon and Spanish choreographer Luis Ruffo have created a poetic ballet "The Seven Faces of Love" with poems of Sveta Deon and based on her novel The LOVEBEGGAR.
Svetlana performed a leading role of Klarina-Surada next to  soloists of Madrid classical ballet de Luis Ruffo the day of premier in Teatro Garcia Lorca 12 of april 2012.

    In 1995 the American channel RTN filmed a documentary about the literary and ballet life of Svetlana – "The poetic flight of a Russian Terpsichore”.   

          See photos from the documentary  "Poetic Flight of  Russian Terpsyckhora"
          Member of:
  • TAIVAs  Creative Union  - Finland
  • Internationañ Union of Writers "Our Contemporary” - Ge
  • President  of The International Association of the Citizens of The ART - Spain.
  A word from the president of MAGI (Svetlana DEON) "ON THE MAGIC OF CREATIVITY"

A novel The LOVEBEGGAR (RETRO, SPB 2006) was nominated in 2007 for National Bestseller in Russia - long list.

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The image   Books Published in Russia and USA

Дион, С. ''Попрошайка любви.''

poems published in magazines in english:
detira.ru   "CHILDREN OF RA" magazine-Poems by Svetlana Deon: What’s the colour of love?   Does god cry?

The Lovebeggar    the Moorish Moon Confession to Eternity To love or not to love    untitled    poems in english/russian (2006)  translations of S. Deon of her own poems Poemes translated into English

AN International  ANTHOLOGY of MAGI 2010 - THE MAGIcal WORD
40 writers, members of MAGI - The International Association of the Citizens of The ART .
Project´s directors - Elena Erofeeva and Svetlana DEON.

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Russian Embassy - Madrid-October 6, 2010-  Presentation of poetry and prose compilation by Svetlana DEON - Nebesni Pochtalion with CD of songs of Igor TUKALO,  poems - Svetlana DEON and MAGI literature anthology presenation-

Presentation of Anthology ¡ Moscow 2010 October- The  DOBROLUBOV Library in Moscow -  may 2010

  "The Seven Faces of Love"poetic ballet with poems of Sveta Deon and based on her novel The LOVEBEGGAR.LIbretto Svetlana Deon
  • ·  I only write what comes to mind
  • ·  when soul is silent and eyes are blind
  • ·  for one can see the steps of fate
  • ·  before it is forever late
  • ·  and only with the eyes well shut
  • ·  we hear the wisper of the heart
  • ·  we hear the music of a silence
  • ·  the truth of love in veil of shyness
  • ·  the truth that burns and leaves the mark
  • ·  a stamp of moment - a spark-
  • ·  that secret code of joy and pain
  • ·  the proof: we did not live in vain...
  • ·  june 2012

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